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What's that smell?

But thanks be to God, Who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ, and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of Him. 2 Corinthians 2:14.

Have you ever walked through a neighborhood and caught a whiff of fresh laundry? There's just something about that fragrance wafting out from an unseen dryer vent that lifts my heart and puts a smile on my face. It’s one of life's little pleasures, reminding me of crisp white sheets, a cozy blanket still warm from the dryer, and a loving hug from someone wearing a freshly washed shirt.

Repeatedly, the Old Testament speaks of God being pleased by the "aroma" of the offerings made on behalf of His people for the atonement of sin. Mostly, I think about burnt offerings. How surprised I was to find that certain verses in the New Testament describe followers of Jesus not only as a pleasing "aroma," but as “… a sweet perfume that brings Christ to everyone.” (2 Corin 2:15 CEV)

Imagine it. As we travel through life, we don’t emit the scents of expensive cologne or bath and body products. Instead, we radiate the aroma of Christ.

What must it smell like, I wonder? Definitely, better than fresh laundry, better than yeast bread baking, best than freshly mown grass, better than a baby bathed, powdered and dressed for bed. Far, far better.

Regardless of what the actual nature of the scent, I believe the aroma of Christ is akin to the Presence of Christ. When inhaled fully, it overwhelms our senses and permeating dermis, bone, muscle, organ and blood, to reach that hidden place deep within the core of our being that is the soul.

Wonder if you’ve ever encountered the fragrance in another person? Tell me this: Have you ever met someone about whom you said, “There’s just something special about that person. I really can’t put my finger on it, but whatever it is, I really liked her.” That, my friend, may just have been the aroma of Christ.

Heaven Scent was the name of the first cologne set I purchased when I was 13. The packaging was powdery blue, bearing the silhouette of a cherub caught in mid-flight against a white background. Promoters describe the fragrance as “a fresh, beautiful and enchanting floral bouquet with artistic undertones. I just thought it smelled good. I may even had said it smelled "beautiful."

Out of curiosity, I was tempted to search on-line stores for a Heaven Scent product to see if my definition of “good” has changed in 50 years. I'd say it probably has. But of one thing, I am certain. No manmade or natural scent or aroma could ever match the compelling, overwhelming and life-changing beauty of the true Heavenly Scent that is Christ Jesus.

Holy God, I am amazed at the exciting truths I continually discover within Your Word. Inspire me to dig deeper and to hunger for Your Word, so that I may reap the benefits of Your wisdom and bring glory to You. Amen.

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1 Comment

Bobbie Bonavia
Oct 21, 2020

What a beautiful perspective on the fragrance of Jesus. I, too, used Heaven Scent in my teen years. My grandmother used Heaven Scent and bought it for me. I loved it because it always reminded me of my grandmother. Thank you, Becky, for bringing back a good memory!

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