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An insensitive gift

“I believe that there are times when you should NOT give gifts with Bible verses on or in them.”

That statement stopped me in my tracks. Had I misread it? How can that be?

Again, I read the words more slowly.

No mistaking. It says what it says.

How can that be? What about the Great Commission to spread the Good News to all the world?

I read on.

Jo Ditt, a designer of Christian coloring books, t-shirts and cards, opines that if you are buying a gift for someone who you know loves God and His Word and who would be encouraged and uplifted by a gift containing Scripture, then, yes, give the gift.

If, however, the person has not expressed an interest in God, then by giving a Scriptural gift may send the message that you care more about "religion" and your own "agenda" than about the person receiving the gift. Even resulting in the person feeling judged and "less than."

In other words, I don't really care what you would like. Here's what I'm giving you.

I’ve never really thought about it, but I get it. What a turn off.

The gift is not about us, but about the recipient.

God calls us to love people. Truly love them. Not browbeat them with the Ten Commandments.

Jo Ditt encourages us to ask ourselves these questions before giving gifts that contain Bible verses:

Why do I want to give this person this particular gift?

It is because I want to “preach” to them, but am too afraid to actually speak to them about it?

Do I want to give it because it is something that I’d like someone to give me?

Am I trying to impress them with how spiritual I am?

Will it actually bring them encouragement, hope or joy?

Will it make them feel loved?

Will it make them feel special?

Will it make them feel like I truly care about them?

Good questions, each and every one of them. I cringe at my past transgressions.

Thank you, Jo Ditt, for your many beautiful designs and for opening my eyes to a new way of thinking. Visit her website at

Lord, forgive me for my past insensitivities. I know my actions speak louder than my words. Give me the tender heart of Jesus to love as You love. Amen.

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