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Miracles all around

“…by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you …”

Sound familiar?

Anyone who has ever been to a wedding, or watched one on TV, recognizes these as the final words of at a wedding. A kiss by the newlyweds punctuates the sentence.

When planning a wedding, the couple seeks the services of a member of clergy, unless the ceremony will be a civil one, unrelated to any particular religious organization. Most states allow judges and retired judges to perform marriages, as well as public notaries.

In Florida, if a ship’s captain is also a notary, he or she may perform a marriage if “the ship is in Florida waters … (and) … within three geographic miles from the coastline at the time of the ceremony.” That ‘s according to the Hillsborough County Clerk’s website.

I learned from a friend that in Massachusetts, the rules allow a relative or friend to register for a “One Day Marriage Designation.” By completing an on-line form and paying $23.50, you can be registered and ready to go within five business days.

Interesting, isn’t it?

All these individuals have been “vested” or assigned the power by their particular states to legally and officially perform marriages.

Spiritually speaking, we believers have been “vested” by God the Father with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus told His disciples, “..whoever believes in Me will also do the works that I am doing. He will do even greater things than these …“ (John 14:12). This verse has always given me reason to pause, and then read on quickly. Perhaps in an attempt to evade any responsibility? The verse both fascinated and perplexed me. The idea that as a believer, I will perform works equal to and greater than Jesus has always been unfathomable.

Not anymore.

Now, today, it makes perfect sense.

My eyes drink in the miracles occurring as I write this.


A woman who sews surgical masks for medical staff may think it’s no big deal, but, like Jesus and his healing practice, she and her friends are healing the sick without ever coming near them!

A man who calls to chat with his 95-year-old widowed friend may not admit it, but he, too, follows in the steps of Jesus by ministering to his friend’s body, mind and spirit.

As snowbirds leave to return to their homes, another woman collects their surplus food and delivers it to a food pantry. Just like Jesus, she is feeding the hungry.

These are only three examples, but miracles are everywhere. You may not read it in the paper or hear about it on the news, but all around us common people are performing miracles every day.

So my word to you today is this: You have power to do miraculous things. You really do, friend.

Jesus said it.

You can believe it!

Lord, I see miracles all around me. Show us the miracles You would have each of us perform. Especially those right at our fingertips. Amen.

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