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Mister Rogers and Jesus

Mark 10:16, "And He took the children in His arms, placed His hands on them and blessed them."

I’m too old to have watched Mister Rogers on a regular basis. Captain Kangaroo was my morning companion. Throughout the years, I caught the intro to Mister Rogers several times. I’m looking forward to seeing the movies about him. They’re on my to-do list.

Children loved Mister Rogers.

Children loved Jesus back in His day and children love Jesus today.

Mister Rogers valued and related to children on their level. He listened with his ears, his heart and his mind.

So did Jesus. Jesus opened His arms and invited children to come, gather round. I’ve no doubt that His presence, His voice and His words conveyed love, acceptance and validation for each child who crossed paths with the Savior and that that meeting changed their lives for eternity.

Mister Rogers knew suffering as a child, being introverted, overweight and lonely. He understood the insecurities of children and dedicated his life to ministering to children through his television series, dealing with difficult life issues that children face.

The suffering of Jesus is etched on our hearts and we are keenly aware as the season of Lent draws near.

Just as we adults can look to the humanity of Jesus to cope with our own suffering. Children looked to Mister Rogers for the truth, delivered in a kind, gentle and understanding way.

Mister Rogers had Jesus in his heart and the light of Jesus radiated from his face and his voice and his presence. It radiated out from a television studio in Pittsburgh to children everywhere and the mention of the name Mister Rogers no doubt stirs warm emotions for millions of children who watched during the 33 years his show was broadcast.

Getting to know Mister Rogers through the movies about him will help me appreciate and love him, even though, as a child, I never got to watch him.

Getting to know Jesus through prayer, reading, studying The Word and even spending time with other Christians will do the same. I so often see Jesus in my friends!

Just saying the name “Jesus” is so powerful. To those who love Him, it is a prayer, an expression of love and an offer of gratitude.

Thank you, Mister Rogers, for being like Jesus. Like you, may we all find our own personal ministries and keep that Light of Love shining and changing lives.

Lord, we meet people with whom we find it hard to relate. Help us to look past our differences and see our commonalities. Help up to create bonds of friendship and never forget the power in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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