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Breathe ... Move .... Pray

Welcome to True Peace Yoga. As a senior, I've found that my wellness is grounded in the gentle and safe practice of yoga and my spiritual peace is grounded in the person of Jesus Christ. 

Through True Peace Yoga, I share stories of my own faith journey and offer subtle but powerful ways you can feel stronger physically,  regardless of your age.

I think you'll see that better health, just like Jesus, is entirely available to all of us.


Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 -11:15 a.m., Classroom I-A, Life Enrichment Center at Pasadena Community Church, St. Petersburg, FL.

Women Stretching
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Nora Ephron, Candice Bergen and me ...

I feel bad about my feet. Strike that. I used to feel bad about my feet. For about 35 years, I felt ashamed, embarrassed, and sad. Why?...

Cats do it, dogs do it and so do you!

Cats do it. Dogs do it. Even birds do it. You probably do it every day. Maybe, more than once a day. I am not talking about falling in...

Fur Kids and God

Pet owners know how our fur kids draw near to us at every opportunity. On your lap if you’re sitting. In the bend of your knees, if...

Like Me! Please!

I am not everyone’s cup of tea. Truly, there are days when I get on my own last nerve. But arriving at the point in life where I accept...

Make each step count!

Few of us are walking a seaside labyrinth today, but we may be walking in our neighborhoods, through a store, or through our homes....

Dogs, cats and trust

I let the dog “drive” this morning. Not the car, but the walk through the neighborhood. With her in charge the one-mile “loop” took about...

Same idea, just different words.

Through a dozen years as a yoga student and teacher, I’ve learned there are many different ways to express the same thought. Some...

Calm in the face of frustration

It was late in the evening, at the edge of dark. She’d been out there for a long time, my niece who’d accidentally locked the keys in her...

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Classes being held at Pasadena Community Church

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